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want glowy skin?

1. Farsali Rose Gold Elixir ($54.00) ($35.00)

Ok, first off the oil is freaking amazing! I absolutely love it. I had my eye on this oil for the

longest time and I couldn't give in because of the price but just recently I finally caved and

I’m so glad I did. This dry oil is amazing for dry skinned girls, such as myself. Its hydrating

and makes your skin look dewy and glow but doesn't have an oily effect. I absolutely love

that its hydrating but not oily,its the perfect balance! (

2. Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream ($42.00)

This moisturizer changed my life, its so hydrating and is absolutely perfect if you have dry,

peeling or even normal skin. When I first tried this product my skin was in a bad place, it was

the middle of winter so naturally my already parched skin was even worse than usual. It was

peeling and felt a little tight and trust me I tried so many moisturizers to fix it but this cream

seemed to be the only thing that helped me. I love this product 10/10 recommend girlies!


3. Ponds Dry Skin Cream ($5.97)

This cream is one of my fav dupes for the Benefit one (above). Its formula is a little thinner

than the Benefit one but its still super rich so use a light hand with this one as well. It a great

drugstore product and has been one of my favs this summer since it keeps my dry skin nice

and hydrated but doesn't feel too thick or rich. (drugstores)

4. Urban Decay Quick Fix ($31.00) ($15.00)

Oh there are sooooo many primers that I love for keeping my skin hydrated during the dry

summer months and it was so hard to pick just one to put in this post (maybe I’ll do a post just

on my fav primers) but I had to go with this one because its just so good! This spray on

primer is so light and airy! Its the perfect thing to keep you refreshed all summer long! Also it

comes in a mini travel size which are fav because not only are they perfect to take on the go

but they're also perfect for when trying new products so you can get a little sample before

investing! (

5. Mario Badescu Rose Water Facial Spray ($14.00)

Omg I am obsessed with this product! Girl this product will keep you glowing and it also

keeps your makeup on all day too! I use this as my setting spray and it just keeps you so

hydrated and give you that glow from within look. This product is an all year long fav that just

keeps coming back to me! (

#beauty #skincare #glow

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