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don't stress, do your best, forget the rest!

Don't stress, do your best, forget the rest.

Stress is something that is so incredibly common, that people often look over it and think that their problems aren't important and that other people are going through worse things. Although that is true, it doesn't mean that your problems are any less important. Stress can take a serious toll on your happiness, and honestly it isn't worth it. Don't let stress ruin your positive vibes. So here I have tips to relieve stress:

1. Meditation- it may sound like a cliche, but it honestly helps so much. I make a point to meditate as often as I can. I recommend the Calm app its amazing.

2. Yoga- Love yoga so much! Its so effective and a great way to get exercise and relive stress at the same time.

3. Journaling- All you have to do is simply write down your thoughts and feelings. My best

friend journals all the time and I've been trying to journal more often. I

recommend journaling right before you go to bed because it helps you clear

your conscience and feel more prepared for the next day.

4. Exercise- Like yoga, exercise is a great way to reduce stress. Staying active is healthy

for the body and the mind.

#stressrelief #positive #happiness

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