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little adventures

This past Labor Day Weekend, my friends and I went up to Flagstaff and it was so beautiful! We had so much fun exploring the town, eating at diners, going to cute little shops and my personal favorite going on a ski lift! We went on a ski lift to the top of the mountain in Coconino Forest and the view was absolutely breathtaking. We took tons of pictures and here I showed you guys just a few of them, but it does not do it justice. If you go to Flagstaff I definitely recommend going outside and exploring your surroundings because it honestly makes you feel like all the problems in your world are minuscule and not worth it the trouble. Another one of my favorite parts of the trip is on the last night we went outside in the backyard and took a bunch of blankets and we looked at the stars. It was so cold and but it was so peaceful and we talked for hours. Definitely one of my favorite memories! This trip was so fun and a nice escape from the daily life, if you guys can I recommend getting away every once in a while. Its good for the mind and the soul♥︎

#love #stressrelief #vibes #friends #happiness

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