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homecoming 2017

So last weekend was homecoming at my high school and it was super fun! I had a pretty busy weekend, starting with Friday it was a "fun day" at my school and um that was interesting. At least we didn't have any classes lol! Later that day it was our homecoming football game! And last but not least the actual dance on Saturday! I wanted to share some pictures of my weekend because why not! Enjoy:)

Also here are a few tips for dances, school spirit, etc!

1) Show some Spirit

An easy and creative way to show your school sprit at football games and just in general, is draw your schools varsity letter is different colored eyeliners! Its super cute and a fun way to show some spirit!

2) Protect your Stuff

I suggest bringing a small bag, jacket or wristlet to the dance and the game to protect your stuff. Especially at dances it is so easy to lose your valuable items like your phone, so I always bring a jacket to hide my items, or a wristlet that i keep with me at all times.

3) Take your Pics

Everyone wants to take super cute pictures! I recommend taking them before you go to dinner or the dance and make sure you plan ahead so you have enough time to get all your angles. Also if you are using an iPhone to take your pictures, use Portrait Mode. Its actually amazing it makes your pictures look super professional and clear. I attached a picture of my friend and I before the football game where we used Portrait Mode so you guys can take a look for yourselves.

4) What to Bring

In your jacket or bag make sure to bring certain items such as bobby pins, hair ties, band aids (for your feet!), lipstick and more! You will definitely be grateful that you packed all this stuff, especially the band aids and hair ties!

#friends #beauty #makeup #happiness

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