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favorites about fall y'all

1.Fall Fashion

I love fall fashion so much! Sweaters, booties, cardigans, yellow, etc. In fact I actually have a post all about fall fashion coming super soon so stay tuned!


Homecoming is always in Fall and I love it! I love dances and football games in general so this is just another awesome thing about Fall.

3.My Birthday

My birthday also happens to be in Fall! I like to think every season is 3 months long so Fall would be September, October, November and my birthday happens to be dead center! Its right in the middle of fall, October 22!


OMG Halloween is my favorite holiday! I love dressing up, haunted houses, scary movies basically anything and everything that has to do with Halloween!


Yay another major holiday in fall! I love Thanksgiving because it reminds me to be thankful for everything in my life and the food is amazing:)

6.Fall Break

I'm not sure if everyone has Fall Break but at my school we get one week of break in October (always the week before my birthday)!

7.Black Friday

I love love love Black Friday! Its super fun my friends and I always wake up super early and hit the mall!

8.Pumpkin Everything

Now honestly I'm not a huge fan of PSLs but I like everything else pumpkin related! Pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin cookies, I think you get it!!

#friends #favorites #happiness

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