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things to do in fall

So if you haven't noticed I absolutely love fall! My fall break is starting today and I have tons of plans and I thought maybe some of you might want some ideas for your break/fall season! So here is my list of my favorite things to do in fall! Enjoy:)

1)Pose for the Camera!

Fall is the perfect time for a super cute photoshoot! The leaves are changing into these gorgeous colors that make perfect backdrops! So gather up your friends and take some pics. You definitely don't need a fancy camera for this, use your phone and explore your modeling/photography skills!

2)Get Scared!

October is the perfect time to go to haunted houses! Since Halloween is right round the corner, haunted houses are practically everywhere!

3)Escape that Room!

If you guys have one near you, I definitely recommend going to an escape room. If you don't know what these are, basically you are put in a room for an hour or so and you have solve the mystery of that room in order to escape! Its super fun and you're welcome to do them any time of the year but with Halloween season and all, I think solving a mystery is the perfect activity!

4)Bake Away!

Nothing is cozier than eating warm baked goods and drinking tea! Take some time bake this season! Theres tons of recipes and options out there, just look on pinterest! Trust me your gonna want to bake these goodies right away!

5)Pumpkin Palooza!

Carving pumpkins is a classic halloween tradition but why not get creative with this! There are so many designs now a days, you are definitely gonna want to copy them! From melted crayon pumpkins to disney princess pumpkins, this activity will definitely keep you busy and give you a chance to be super creative!

6)Read, read, read!

Reading, like baking, is a super cozy and fun activity you can do on a nice fall day! If you need some recommendations look at a post I did recently on books that I've been loving!

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