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little adventures part 2

Hello guys! Today's post is another "little adventures". I think I might make this a series, we shall see. Anyways, this past weekend some of my cousins came from Modesto, California and it was so nice to spend some quality time with them. So as it was their first time in AZ, we took them to the one landmark this state has to offer, The Grand Canyon. Now I'll have you know, literally nobody wanted to go on this trip except my uncle. No one. We were dreading it. And not because we don't appreciate this glorious hole in the ground, because of the stupidly long journey we would have to take to get there. A good long 4 hours in a cramped car. But its okay! We made the best of it! We decided that it would make more sense to drive 2 hours to Sedona on Thursday night, then stay the night and Friday morning we shall drive the remains 2 hours. So we aimed to leave Thursday night around six and reach there at 8, then Friday morning we would leave around 8 and get to the Hole at 10:30. Things did not exactly go as planned. Long story short, we are not a very punctual group. We reached Sedona at 10 and left in the morning at 12, reaching the Hole at a prime 3:30. We stayed for two hours and did not get home till 10 pm, but in our defense we did stop at an indian restaurant in Flagstaff that my dad claimed was amazing for dinner so that delay us a tad bit. So yeah that was our trip. On the bright side we did get some pretty sweet pictures so scroll below to see them! Hope you enjoyed this little story time !!


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