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bullet journaling

Hey everyone! Today's post is all about bullet journaling! I recently started bullet journaling as part of my new year resolutions, and I am so excited! I've been feeling really inspired lately and my journal has been as great place for me to explore my ideas and plan out new blog posts/videos. I did my first spread and set up for 2018 and its a little rough but I'm pretty proud! I might start a new mini series for journaling where I post my monthly spreads! This is my first one so scroll down to see the first spread of the year :)

My favorite supplies:

I use regular brush pens but some of the best ones are from Tombow and I plan to get those soon! I just got some new washing tape from Michaels, they currently have a sale where you buy one wash tape roll you get one free! Its a great deal so I recommend stocking up on some new tape! The stickers I use are from a company called TheHappyPlanner and they have the cutest sticker packs and so may options to choose from! I also love using the HP Sprocket for printing out pictures especially for my Goals page! Lastly, my actual bullet journal is from Amazon. I don't know the exact brand, but it was super inexpensive and comes in tons of colors (just search "yellow bullet journal" and it will be one of the first ones to pop up)

My Bullet Journal:

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