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february favorites

Hey guys! Todays post is a monthly favorites, so here are some of my favorite products from this month:)

1. Glossier Cloud Paint

I loveeee this cream blush so much! I've been talking about it all month and its honestly the best cream blush i have ever used! It blends in seamlessly and gives you the most beautiful flush!

2. Tarte Toasted Palette

I've been using this palette a ton this month and its amazing! The color payoff is so good and it blends so easily! I use it every time i do my makeup and it has the prettiest warm tone colors, I'm obsessed!

3. Sephora Collection Pearl Sleeping Mask

I've been really into sleeping masks lately because they're so great for people who don't have a lot of time to sit down and put a mask on! You basically apply this right before you go to bed and when you wake up your skin will feel so moisturized and bright! These have been so handy and I am obsessed with them!

4. Mom Jeans

Ok this might sound a little basic but I've been obsessed with mom jeans lately! I wear them everywhere! They're so comfy and make every outfit look that much cuter! My favorite place to buy jeans are from Pacsun, American Eagle or thrift stores.

5. Birkenstocks

Ok another kinda basic random one, but I got my first pair of birkenstocks and I absolutely love them! Definitely the comfiest shoes I've ever worn and they go with literally everything!

#selfcare #favorites #monthlyfavorites #essentials

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