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things to do over spring break

1. Go to a park

Spring break is the best time to spend time in nature! Have a cute picnic in a park and enjoy the warm weather with your friends and family!

2. Start A blog/youtube channel

A lot of people start a blog or youtube channel when they're bored so why not during spring break! You can completely customize your channel/website to yourself and post content that makes you happy!

3. Take pictures

Have a mini photoshoot and go to fun locations to get that perfect gram! I always love having little photoshoots with my friends, they're so fun and you get some cute pics for social media! A win win!

4. Explore your city

Finding new locations can be so fun! Drive around your town and find some cute new cafes or fun street art and explore your city!

5. Organize and clean your room

This might sound boring but its super satisfying and makes you feel super organized! You can also find room decor diys and redecorate your room!

6. Try a new recipe

Trying new recipes is always fun plus you get to eat whatever you make!

7. Go thrifting

Thrifting is so fun! You get to find cute, interesting clothes and they're super inexpensive!

8. Go to exhibits/museums

Exhibits and museums are so fun! Research some fun ones near you and spend the day!

Thanks for reading all the way to this point! If you have any more suggestions make sure to leave a comment and let me know:)

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