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march favorites!

1. Milk Makeup Cooling Water

I've been loving this item recently! It has caffeine in it to help wake you up and seawater to soothe! I use it every morning and I've felt noticeable more awake and my under eyes look a little brighter!

2. Khiels Avocado Eye Treatment

I guess I've been really into taking care of my eyes lately! This product has been so amazing! Its a little pricier but I definitely think its worth it since its so potent it will last you a super long time. I use it about 3 times a week because my eyes are a little sensitive, and I feel like its made such a difference with how my concealer looks!

3. Lightroom

Now this one is a little odd but I've been really into editing lately so I decided to switch to Lightroom! If you don't know what Lightroom is, its an editing software and I just starting using it but I'm already in love!

4. Hydroflask

Guys this month took a rough turn, my hydroflask was stolen:( #firstworldproblems. But its ok I ended up getting another one and it just came in! I thought this was worth sharing, so love ya hydroflask #pleasesponsorme

5. Overall Dresses

Ok its actually embarrassing how many times I wore an overall dress this month! Like I literally wore it all the time because they're so perfect for the weather, go with everything and can be casual or dressed up! I linked some of my favorite overall dresses on my spring trends blog post!

#monthlyfavorites #favorites

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