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motivation: how to stay motivated + life update!

Hey everyone, today's post is gonna be a little real and kinda more about my life! That sounded super dramatic, but todays post is really gonna be all about motivation and how I've been doing in regards to the topic. So a little bit ago I was feeling super inspired and healthy and overall extremely motivated, but for some reason in the past few weeks I've seemed to have lost this feeling. I dont know why but lately I've been feeling super lethargic, uninspired, and overall kinda drained, but I am determined to change this, so in today's post I'm going to be telling you guys all about ways to stay motivated and overall happier!

1. Stick to Your goals

Ok so one of the most important things, in my opinion, in order to stay motivated is having something to work towards to. I find that when i have a goal in mind, nothing can stop me! I feel like lately I've lost sight of those goals that I previously had, but I am determined to regain control and continue working towards them. One way to remind yourself of your goals and make sure that you continue to work towards them is having bullet journal. Now bullet journals can be used many things and that one of the reasons why they're so extremely popular, but i find a super effective way to use them is to help you stay inspired. One thing I like to do is every month I write down my goals for that month and what I'm going to do to help me achieve them. Then i like to create a sort of tracker to log my progress. For example, for my blog i create a daily tracker where every time I post I will log it in my tracker and at the end of the month I can reflect on how many posts I wrote and how many I had set a goal for.

2. Reward Yourself

Another thing that I feel helps me stay motivated is rewarding myself every time I complete a goal. For example, I am trying to stay off sugar so if I complete a goal of working out 5 times a week, then I'll reward myself with a chocolate bar. This is just one example, of course there are many different ways to reward yourself, but I think its important to remind yourself that your doing great and also give yourself something to work towards.

3. Get Organized

I find that when my space is messy, I can't focus and I don't really have the motivation to. Like when my bed is undone, I have the desire to sleep in it, but if my room is neat and tidy I feel more put together and therefore more motivated to actually do something!

4. Surround Yourself with Motivating people

If you spend your life with people who are as lethargic and low energy and you feel, you won't have any motivation to change. I like to surround myself with like minded people who are as motivated and passionate as i am so we can help motivate each other. If i was surround by people who sleep all day and have no motivation to do anything, then I would most likely feel the same way. The people you surround yourself with affect you greatly so make sure you choose wisely.

5. Don't Procrastinate

This is a problem that so many people have because as humans we tend to be quite lazy. I personally also tend to procrastinate a ton, but I also tend to stress out a lot so I would much rather do whatever unpleasant thing I have to do and get it out of the way. I tend to stress myself out a lot and because of this I try really hard to get all my unpleasant chores out of the way so I can spend the rest of my time doing something that actually makes me happy!

I know this post was on the longer side, but I honestly needed to help myself get out of the rut that I was in and this was a great way to get it all off my chest! I hope all my rambling helped you in some way, and if you would like to see more posts like this in the future let me know:)

#motivation #stressrelief #vibes #positivity #postive

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