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my favorite apps

This blog post is all about my favorite apps for photography, videos and instagram! This goes along with how I edit my instagram photos which is a little blog post/video that I will be posting soon!

1. Lightroom

A lot of people use Lightroom because its honestly such a good software for editing pictures! They have an app which is free and thats perfect for iPhone pictures, but for DSLR pictures they have a program on PC that is a bit costly but is, in my opinion, worth it!


This is another super popular app used for editing but is totally worth the hype! Again this app is also free but there are some in app purchases you can make which honestly take this app to the next level. They have tons of filters that are perfect for editing!

3. 8mm

This is the app I love using for "vintage" looking videos. They have some really cute filters that give that disposable camera look and I personally think its worth the $2.99 cost, but there are also tons of other similar apps that are free!

4. Huji Cam

Another app that i perfect for that vintage look. It adds the a cool disposable camera effect and the date so you really get a 90's feel! This app is also free so thats a plus!

5. Phonto

This is an app that I love for my instagram stories! It also happens to be what a lot of niche meme accounts use haha but its honestly super diverse!

6. HypeType

This app is super cool because it adds moving text to any picture so I like using it for my instagram stories!

7. Plann

I love this app because its super helpful with planning out my feed! There are tons of super similar apps like this one but I personally like it because, with in app purchases, you can actually schedule your posts and captions all through the app and help set up your feed all in one place!

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