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super easy summer diys!

Hey guys! I know it's been a while since I have posted anything and that is because I've been super busy with my summer job, SAT prep classes, etc. In a little bit I'm going to Canada to visit my family (I'm Canadian but I moved to USA a few years ago) so I'm planning on posting a ton then! Anyways this post is going to be a little different! I'm sure by now you've all heard about IGTV, if not IGTV is basically Youtube on Instagram! As you may or may not have known I have a Youtube channel, I've never really said anything about it because truth is I don't post as often on there as I do on my blog but lately I've been getting back into it so.... finally without further ado today's post is going to be a DIY video from my channel that I posted a few weeks ago! I'm pretty proud of the way this video turned out and all the supplies I used are from Dollar Tree so these are all super inexpensive!!! Also little self promo haha if you like this video make sure to subscribe to my channel and I'll know to post more videos! Also since I mentioned IGTV, wanted to let you all know I have a bunch of mini videos that will be going up on there super soon! Andddd even more news!!! I have a huge announcement that will be coming out on July 1st so make sure to mark your calendars, cuz you don't want to miss this!

Ok now without further ado, I hope you enjoy these dollar store diys!

#youtube #video #diys #summer

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