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getting fit for the summer!

Hey guys! Today's post is all about getting fit and staying healthy! I know summer has the tendency to be associated with a "bikini body" thing and I just wanted to make a little disclaimer that this post has absolutely nothing to do with that! It's just that lately I've been getting more into fitness and eating a little healthier so I thought I would do a post on it to maybe help inspire you guys to be healthier!

So I have always been into sports especially since I've been in high school! I play soccer and track during the school year but towards the end of my track season this year, I got an injury. I ended up getting tendonitis which basically means I was over working my tendons. Due to this, I had to stop track and basically running all together and wear a boot for about 2 months. Recently, I stopped wearing my boot because I've been feeling better and I really really really missed running! I know that sounds weird haha because who likes running, but I hadn't worked out in so long I felt like a blob haha! Anyways I've been looking for ways to get back into working out and my parents recommend Orange Theory! They have been going to Orange Theory for about three years now and they've always recommended it to me, but with school and sports I never had the chance to try it out! Since its summer and I've had a little extra time, I finally tried out a class and its safe to say, I'm obsessed! I love Orange Theory because not only is a high intense class, which means I burn more calories in less time, but also because I'm getting a full body workout in just one hour! Another super cool thing about Orange Theory is that they actually have these little heart rate tracker things haha that calculate the amount of calories you re burning and the amount of time that you are in the "orange zone". Basically that means that you heart rate is around the highest your heart rate can possibly go. The amount of time that you are in that zone is calculated in "splat points" so each point is equivalent to a minute spent in the orange zone. Also if you hit the orange zone, you will continue burning calories for up to 24 hours after the class!

Anyways, just letting you guys know, this post is not sponsored at all I just really love Orange Theory! They've helped motivate me to stay healthy again and helped me get out of this rut that I've been in ever since my injury!

So if you are in a rut or want to try and get healthier and get in shape for summer and back to school, Orange Theory is something I would totally recommend! I will also be posting my workout routine super soon which will be based off all my favorite workouts from the various classes put together to make my dream routine haha! So stay tuned for that post and I will also be posting a post on how to stay healthier and "glow up" for back to school!

#health #fitness #orangetheory #glowup

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