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Hello! Welcome to #spreadthesunshine! So I have a huge announcement, after working for 6 months I finally have launched my hand drawn, designed, merch!! I'm so excited about this news since I've been working on it on for soooo long and I really really hope you guys are too!

On my blog I always talk about spreading positivity and self love, because honestly the reason why I even started my blog was to make people feel happy, confident and beautiful! So with #spreadthesunshine I hope for people to feel beautiful and confident and most importantly, I hope for people to feel happy and add a little sunshine to their day! So with that said, I would like to announce that a portion of the profits will be donated towards feeding the homeless and hopefully spreading a little sunshine into someone else's day:)

If you do decide to support this campaign, please make sure to send me pictures with the hashtag #spreadthesunshine! I love you all and I hope I've been able to make your day a little brighter:)

#beautiful #confidence #happiness #spreadthesunshine

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