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things to do in the summer!

Hey! So I know summer is almost over but since there are still a few weeks left and you might want to distract yourself from the fact that school is coming, here are some fun things to do!

1. Take Pictures

I am constantly taking pictures for my blog, instagram, etc and its definitely fun to get creative with your editing styles, props and locations! Summer is the perfect time to practice your modeling or photography skills! I personally love taking pictures with my friends! We love finding new, fun locations and go on a little adventure! Not to mention there are so many different tools to use polaroids, DSLRs, or even just iPhones! Go see my favorite apps if you want to see more of my favorite editing apps!

2. Start a Blog or Youtube Channel

I might be biased but I actually started a blog because it was summer, I was bored and I wanted to have a creative outlet for myself so thus this blog was made! I think creating blog or youtube channel can be super fun! With my blog I love having an outlet to really just talk and make content, and with my Youtube channel I always love trying new editing styles and making my videos as creative as possible!

3. DIY

I have made a few videos and blog posts of DIYs that are super easy to make and super fun! I'm planning on making a new one so stay tuned for that!

4. Explore

If you can drive or even if you have a bike, try exploring your town! I love doing this wth my friends when we take pictures! We usually like to go to new places or go to a place we haven't completely explored! For example, for my AZ people Old Town Scottsdale is always a fun place to explore. There's tons of food, cute locations and fun places to see!

5. Try some new recipes

I love cooking and baking so anytime I have free time I love to try new recipes! I have made a few blog posts with super easy recipes and I have a new one coming super soon so stay tuned!

#summer #diys

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