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things to do when bored!

Hey guys! Today's post is a collab with a fellow blogger friend Maya Darwish, or @iilyfam on IG! This post is all about activities to do when you are bored! Since summer is coming to a close, these activities are summer/ back to school themed:)

1. Reorganize/ Clean Out

Whenever I'm bored I always am looking for ways to further declutter because I'm a person who gets stressed out very easily haha so anyway I can further "destress" my space is a huge help! This one is also great for back to school, I think having an organized space is so helpful to help prepare your mind for work. It might not seem fun but its definitely worth it, especially if you have a few extra minutes!

2. DIY

I feel like I mention this one all the time, but DIYing stuff can actually be really fun! I've done a few posts on DIYs and if you ever need inspiration, Pinterest is great! I even made you guys a board of some cute ones! You can check it out here!

3. Try new makeup looks

I find that I spend a lot of time watching makeup videos, so why not try one out? If you aren't doing anything, spend your extra time sharpening up some skills! Master false lashes, perfect your liner, try a cut crease, the possibilities are endless!

4. Self Care

This one is perfect for back to school in my opinion! I mean you gotta look good for the first day, right!? Well if you have some extra time do a face mask, a hair mask, try a new hairstyle, relax and bullet journal, etc!

5. Recipes, Recipes, Recipes

I feel like I'm always saying this one, but its only because its actually what I love to do when bored haha! I love baking and cooking so I think its fun to try new recipes! I have done countless posts on recipe ideas and I have a pinterest board which you can find here!

6. Go take pictures

I think it's fun to go to new places and take pictures with your friends! I love driving around, finding new places to go take pictures for instagram!

7. Work out

I have a love/hate relationship with the gym, not gonna lie! I love the feeling after working out, but trying to drag myself to the gym every day is so hard haha! But if you have some extra time, hit the gym! You'll feel so good and you'll have abs in no time!

#bored #backtoschool

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