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changing things up.

so a little bit ago it was actually my one year bloggaversary and it got me thinking. I feel like it started out as more of an advice/health/talk kinda thing and then it starting turning into more of a beauty/fashion thing and I realized that although there is absolutely nothing wrong with having a beauty or fashion blog, its just not what i want to do. don't get me wrong i love fashion and makeup and everything and trust me you see a lot of that on my instagram and youtube channel because thats my passion and i'll never stop that! but i realized that i started this blog for one reason: to make people feel happy, beautiful and confident and to be honest i just didn't feel that showing you my "monthly favorites" was really living up to that motto. so i have decided that from here on out, i will mainly be posting things that actually matter to me because i want to use this platform to make a difference. i want to post about things that are important to me like mental health, body positivity, feminism and so much more. i'm not saying that i'm done with the beauty stuff, because i honestly don't think i could stop posting beauty/fashion related content because like i said thats just part of who i am, but i am saying that most of my content is probably going to more meaningful now and I'm so excited. i have so many new things coming your way and i can not wait to share them. thank you so much for always supporting this little human:) all i want is to make someones day a little brighter ☀︎

p.s. you may have noticed earlier that i said i have a youtube channel and yeah it's true i do. i never have really advertised it because i always thought it was embarrassing but you know what part of me posting more meaningful content means that i actually have to believe what I'm writing so i'm gonna practice what i preach and be proud of what i create so yeah my youtube channel is Mahek Sawhney and i hope you enjoy it:)

#happiness #mentalhealth #blog

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