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high school

so i would like to just say right now before this begins that high school sucks. it really kinda does. and I'm not trying to be a pessimist trust me i try my best to see light in situations and there are definitely great parts about high school but to be honest its absolutely nothing like the movies. i realize now this post is more meant for people who actually haven't started high school and i know that everyone will have a different experience but i just wanted to enlighten you with what i've learned so far. so i will admit i am definitely no pro, i mean I'm only a junior but i've been noticing that i've changed tremendously since freshman year and i thought it was important to reflect on the person i used to be to who i am now. so in conclusion all I'm really trying to say is that i will be starting a new "high school" series.

ok so this series is gonna highlight really everything from fake friends to dealing with stress, and i really am so excited for this because i feel like it could really make a change and hopefully help some struggling freshman out there !

so yes this post is more of a heads up for whats coming and i know i feel like I've been doing a lot of those lately but i promise i have more things coming so soon !

#highschool #spreadthesunshine

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