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why i'm excited for fall

helloooo everyone! it has been a very long time since I have sat down and written a blog post but i'm back! sorry for the inactivity, i've been super busy with junior year but fall break is coming up so i'm going to have a lot of free time! ps i always try to stay active on social media so you should definitely be following me there! ok so today's post is going to be a little different from my usual beauty, fashion, lifestyle, etc posts! i'm going to be sharing with you guys why i love fall! now i know i know everyone loves fall, you've probably seen all the basics on social media already freaking out about PSLs and uggs but don't fear this post is nothing like that. not gonna lie a PSL like post will be coming soon, but for those who cringe at the sight of flannels and faux pumpkins, this is the post for you.

my birthday

ok so starting off this post with something that probably does not excite many of you BUT it is a crucial part of my fall experience so i had to put it in. my birthday is on october 22 which is not only in exactly one month but is in my opinion, the HEIGHT fall. the peak. the top of the mountain. nothing is better than this time. i mean come on prime time before halloween so you get two huge celebratory events with a two week time span. right after fall break so you get a perfect pick me up for the back to school blues. and dead center in the seasonal peak of the year. i mean come on could it be more perfect?

fall break

so since i just mentioned it, i thought it would be fair to talk about fall break next. i personally love fall break, dare i say it might be one of favorite breaks. i mean the leaves are turning color, the pumpkin spice lattes are brewing, there is just the right amount of bite in the air...ah how perfect. just kidding i live in the desert so fall for me is more like struggling to wear fall fashion and not faint from 100 degree heat, trying to take fall esque portraits only to realize the closest thing you have to a crunchy fall leaf is a dried up cactus, and pumpkin spice lattes? are you kidding i would rather sit in a hot car then drink a hot beverage in the valley. but you know fall break is a fun time because lets be real with all this new found free time the only thing you are really gonna do is watch netflix and cuddle up with your dog, so thank goodness fall is also the time for brand new seasons of your favorite tv shows, which leads me to my next point!

tv shows

hello welcome to the season where the CW network thrives. all of your favorite tv shows are back and better than ever and they all start within the same period so binge ahead my young friends. here are a few popular ones that will be airing soon, and before you say that these shows are so beneath you, lets be real you have a secret obsession with KJ Apa and are dreading the inevitable death of your favorite character in grey's, so without further ado, here's a list of all major tv shows that are premiering during the internets favorite season:

09/26 - Modern Family

09/27 - Grey's Anatomy

09/27 - How To Get Away with Murder

10/10 - Riverdale

10/12 - Dynasty

10/12 - Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

10/15 - Arrow

anddd if for some reason none of these shows seem appealing to you, you can always check out the post i did on the best netflix tv shows and movies!


ok i know some schools actually no most schools have already had their homecoming dance but my school is super behind, ours is over a month away, so i still wanted to talk about this wonderful time in a high schoolers journey. so homecoming might actually be my favorite dance to attend throughout the year, except for prom (i get to go to my first one this year ahhhh), anyways yes i actually love homecoming, my friends and i always go get dinner before and actually have a lot of fun and i don't mean to sound like a cliche teenager but i actually love going to football games, my friends and i always get food and dutch before and its actually really fun so i love the hoco football game as well. ok thats all i will be back with this topic when we are closer to the actual dance!

spirit week

ok so one more quick thing about homecoming that i love, spirit week! spirit week is actually probably one of the more entertaining weeks at school and i personally always look forward to it. this year spirit week starts the day of my bday, which happens to be on a monday, so i am extremely excited. again more to come when we are closer to the event.

state fair

ok so this obviously does not apply to every state fair, but most of them take place during the fall season and i for one, cannot wait! i love going to state fairs, i mean the amount of photo ops available is insane and not gonna lie state fair food might be my favorite, i mean mini sugar donuts? who can resist


ok now that i feel i have thoroughly exhausted all of my favorites parts of fall and mainly october, lets talk about the main event: halloween. ah halloween, might actually be my favorite holiday. there is not one thing that i do not love of the concept of halloween, i mean dressing up, free candy, cute pictures, the day has no flaws. also wanted to mention that this year i will be doing a post on super quick last minute costume ideas which will be coming very soon so stay tuned!

anyways that is all for today's post if you enjoyed it be sure to let me know by commented on my instagram! i hope you all have a wonderful fall season enjoy the uggs and maroon that you will soon be seeing everywhere.

#halloween #fall #birthday #break

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