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reasons to be happy right now

hellooooo everyone! welcome back to my blog, today i'm sharing with you 10 reasons why you should be happy right now. i know things can be stressful, but at the end of the day we have to realize life is so precious and it goes by insanely fast, so be in the moment and learn to not take everything so seriously. here are my top ten reasons to be happy:)

1. Family

family is everything. I personally love my family to pieces, they are my best supporters and some of my favorite people to spend time with. spend time with your loved ones and take a moment to show your appreciation for them, because life just isn't that long, appreciate as much as possible.

2. Friends

friends are so important, i think the people you surround yourself with can really affect your happiness, so choose wisely. as much as i love my family, your friends are people that you choose in your life and thats pretty cool. you chose a person for a reason, make sure you remind them of that reason every once in a while, its nice to feel appreciated.

3. Pets

ok if you don't have a pet I'm sorry because i love my animals so so much. sometimes i get so caught up with stress, i forget to give enough love to the sweetest things that have ever lived, my dogs. your pets literally want nothing more than your happiness and are so incredibly precious. to be honest my biggest fear is losing them so as precious as human life is, your pet's life is even more precious. appreciate them as much as you can. this is a PSA by the way. also i just watched the Happier music video and i am sobbing as i write this. please cuddle with your pets for me. i love them.

4. You are alive

Oh my goodness i cannot stress this one enough, you are ALIVE. sometimes we get caught up in the everyday issues of life and forget how incredibly fortunate we are that we are given this life. be grateful that you are healthy, that you have an opportunity to change the world, that you can bring more light into the darkness, that you can live. life is so important, please cherish every moment. this is getting sappy that video really got to me.

5. Someone loves you

someon loves you. whether you think so or not, there are people in this world that love and care about you so much. if that doesn't put a smile on your face, i don't know what will.

6. Music Exists

this one might sound cheesy but i think its kinda interesting. music can really affect your mood and i find that certain music can really make me happy. you should be happy about the fact that this even exists, i mean noises can really lift your mood, some talented human being created this art just to make someone else's life brighter. how cute is that

7. You matter

self worth is something so near and dear to my heart. i struggled a little with this growing up because people always commented on my appearance which made me question my worth which is ridiculous. never let ANYONE'S opinion bring you down ever. you matter so much more than you could ever believe, always remember this.

8. You will be okay

whatever "huge" issue that is going on right now is not the end of the world. so what if you failed a test. what's going to happen. i know when i go through things i always seem to jump to the worst conclusions. my brain literally goes fail test = no college = no job = bye bye life. ok first of all this is so 'worst case scenario' and unhealthy to believe that every failure is game over. its not. grow from failure, turn them into positive growth. don't regret things instead realize that they have made you who you are today, and lastly never, ever apologize for being you.

9. Food

ok this is cheesy but dude food is good. we are lucky that we get to cook up these delicious fantastic meals that bring joy into our lives, even if its just in the moment. i don't know about you guys, but on a bad day i find that mac and cheese can seriously bring me up. um hello comfort food? your food can seriously make you happier. now i'm hungry.

10. You can bring happiness into someone's life

ok not sure about you, but doesn't it feel great to put a smile on someone's face? i know i love the feeling you get after making someones day. you never know what someone else is going through and sometimes anything can brighten their day. so next time you see someone, complement them, bring your friend's coffee, give your mom a hug. little things make a big difference.

#happy #happiness

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