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things to do during fall break

Hellooooo and welcome back to my blog! Today I'm sharing some of my favorite fall themed things to do over break, you know other than stay in bed and watch netflix all day.

1. Haunted House

Ok this one is obvious, I mean come on Halloween is right around the corner take advantage of your free time and get in the spooky spirit. That was a great sentence. Moving on.

2. Pumpkin Patch

Go to nature (or your local grocery store) and pick up the perfect pumpkin to carve Jake Paul's portrait into for an extra scary pumpkin, or take cute pictures in a pumpkin patch because come on it's fall af.

3. Fall Photoshoot

So if you live in a place where you actually experience 4 seasons, fall can be one of the most photogenic seasons so take advantage of the changing colors and crunchy leaves.

4. State Fair

I personally love state fair food more than anything so you know for a fact I will be there scarfing down funnel cakes and taking cute ferris wheel pictures.

5. Baking

I love baking so much especially during this time of year, I actually have a new baking post coming soon but in the mean time, I have made so many in the past so check those out!

Baking is the best, the perfect excuse to eat high calorie comfort food. My favorite activity by far.

Ok that's all for this post, if you enjoyed make sure to follow me on instagram @maheksawhneyblog for more updates and notifications when I post!

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