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how to have a good day

October 17, 2018

hellooooo so last week i posted "how to be happy right now" and i wanted to continue it in some way, so today's post is a bunch of little things you can do to brighten your day!


1. get yourself a drink

whether its coffee, tea, lemonade, rebel, starbucks, dutch, milkshake, whatever you want, but its important to reward yourself every now and then (or everyday!) and i promise drinking your favorite drink is guaranteed to bring some joy into your life.


2. go outside

sunshine is scientifically proven to make humans happier, so not having the best day? go for a walk, take in the vitamin c and take a deep breath. 


3. take a nap

sometimes all you need a quick break, so take a power nap and just relax for a good 15 or 20 minutes. it makes a huge difference.


4. h2o

so i know i already said to get a drink, but if you can't go get something that you love, drink some water. water makes you feel so much more energized and can really make a dull day a little bit better so drink up


5. dress up

having a dull day? sometimes its nice to do some shopping, whether its online, actually going to the mall or just shopping in you closet, sometimes it fun to put together a new outfit and play dress up


6. doodle

bullet journaling got really popular in the last year and i find that anytime I'm feeling low, writing down all my thoughts or even just drawing some random "abstract" art can help me convey how I'm feeling and actually really help


ok that's all for today's post, i know it was a little shorter but i just wanted to give you guys some quick ideas to help brighten your day:)



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