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new year's resolutions that are actually "keepable"

hello! welcome back to the blog and happy new year! i decided to start off my year with a relaunching of my blog! its been far too long and i've been kinda putting off making content, but I'm finally back and very excited. so today's first blog post of 2019 is new year's resolutions that you might actually be able to keep this year!

1. cultivate a new passion

so i saw this one on @amelia.edmondson's story and it inspired me! i think choosing one, or a few if you're ambitious, passions and really dedicating the time to master it is such a fun goal! it can be anything from mastering an instrument to practicing your makeup skills to learning some new recipes. i'm personally choosing to continue my passion for photography and videography and see where it goes :)

2. actually drink more water

so i know i know everyone says this one, but why don't you actually do it? drinking 8 glasses of water a day isn't that difficult and your skin AND kidneys will thank you. just do it. go drink a glass right now

3. start a journal

i think we tend to take these journal things for granted, writing in a bullet journal or even just your iPhone notes can be so good for your mind. feeling stressed? write down your thoughts. can't sleep? doodle something. feeling inspired? brainstorm.

4. join a new club

so this one kinda goes along with the first one, and its basically all about trying new things. I think its always interesting to find new passions and joining new clubs and meeting new people is a great way to do that. 2018 brought a lot of new people into my life and it definitely made my world a little more interesting so why not? join that art club, take a cooking class, learn a choreographed dance ;)

5. be nicer to yourself

so this last one is something that i personally have been working on which is being kinder to myself. i find that i am the type of person that is especially hard on themselves which results in me being over stressed over things that really aren't that big of a deal. another lesson i learned in 2018 is believe it or not, yolo. one of my friends tells me this constantly and honestly jokes aside, it's a good lesson. you only live once so why am i stressing so much over one bad grade or one embarrassing moment? move on

thank you so much for reading this far, means the world to me that you care enough to listen to me rambling on :) hope you enjoyed these quick little "resolutions"


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