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6 healthy habits to start right now

hello my people! today's post is 10 healthy habits to improve your life right now. i know it's very "new year, new me" of me but i couldn't resist.

1. MORE H20

DRINK WATER. right now. all the time. the benefits of one simple liquid, its crazy. its also crazy to think how many people don't take advantage of our our simple privilege of clean water!! take advantage, drink it.


yes also another habit that people will start for one week and give up on. i'm very guilty of this, i have started countless bullet journals and diaries and have given up on them all within a few months. so no I'm not saying you should go buy a journal and write every night because lets be real, its just not going to last, but something that i think somehow is much easier to keep up with is writing in your notes on your phone. yes its not as effective as hand writing would be, but its better than nothing. writing anything from what you ate this morning to ranting about your day, releasing yourself of that weight every night can be so stress relieving so i definitely recommend. a post on how to stay motivated to journal will be going up soon, so keep our eyes peeled!


so yes i did just say that you should write in your notes on your PHONE, but i'm about to tell you that you should try to stay off your phone. social media can be great for lots of things leisure, promoting things, meeting new humans, etc. but it can also be extremely detrimental to your mental health. social media truly is a highlight reel. no one ever posts about their low points. you will never see the acne behind the facetune, the stress behind the smile, the stretch marks, the cellulite, basically anything that every single human being goes through. since all you ever see are flawless creatures that are seemingly constantly smiling, there tends to be this comparison which can be so detrimental to your mental health. so yes get off your phone. read a book, go outside, throw a football, choreograph a dance, LIVE YOUR LIFE and get off the screen.


sleep dude. its so important and I'm such a hypocrite since I'm sitting here typing this out at 2 in the morning, but i assure you that i will definitely be sleeping in and taking a nap tomorrow. SLEEP is so incredibly important, its your body's time to repair and reenergize to take on the next day. how are you going to conquer your dreams and become the next CEO if your body isn't physically prepared. get that sleep and conquer your goals honey.


so this is one that i constantly have to tell myself, and that is that it is okay to quit. I'm the type of person that feels that once they have committed to something, they've committed, and while in theory that sounds great, it can be so detrimental. for example, last year i had a sport injury but i refused to quit because i felt like i was somehow letting someone down and thats honestly so unhealthy. if something is causing you to be unhappy QUIT IT. nothing and i repeat, NOTHING is worth the cost of your happiness.


so this one goes along with the last one, once you have quit what doesn't make you happy, lets focus on what does make you happy! in one of my recent posts, i talked about how one of my goals for the new year what to cultivate a new passion. I absolutely love the idea of that. i think as humans we spend so much time doing things and tasks that seem like more of a chore than anything and while we can't change everything that doesn't make us jump for joy, i think it's important to take the time to do things that you love.

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