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hey. so it's been a very long time since i've done this. i'm not gonna lie for a long time i just didn't have any motivation to write and my whole blog turned into me trying to take aesthetic pictures for instagram that i genuinely had no time/energy/motivation/desire for. on top of that, these past few months have been an emotional rollercoaster. i've been all over the place and that made it kinda difficult to want to smile and pose for my feed. y'all know my original goal with this platform was to make people feel happy and confident and beautiful after reading my words and i found that was a difficult task when i myself wasn't really feeling that. but thats ok. high schools weird. nostalgia is the absolute worst. and sometimes things that you never thought would break, do. but thats also ok. i've learned a lot in the past few months and one of them is that i can't make everyone happy, but with that i also learned that my happiness is so important before trying to achieve someone elses. so with all of that i want to say that i'm very excited to be writing on here again. i've really missed this and i can't wait to share some more random thoughts on this platform again.

p.s. i think its time for a makeover.

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