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little ways to save the planet

Ok ok not trying to sound like every other instagrammer rn but yes ok our planet isn't exactly in peak condition rn and I think we should really try our best to not you know kill it. so here are some super easy things that you can do rn to help save our planet one reusable straw at a time!

1. reusable straws

well i just mentioned it so might as well start with it! reusable straws. straws are fun, they're great. make for cute pics, coffee stirrers, convenience, etc. butttt they also kill our favorite sea creatures and its not cool. so get a reusable straw. metal, plastic, silicone, SO MANY OPTIONS! i write this as i sip on my favorite metal straw, so get one please!

2. reusable cups

well we already got the straws, why don't we just go full send: reusable cups! super easy, super cute, super fun and save A TON of plastic!

3. bring your own bag

those little plastic grocery bags that chill in your pantry are the biggest waste of plastic and literally serve a purpose for about the walk from the conveyor belt to your car trunk so instead of wasting the plastic, lets just bring our own bags! plus you save about 15 cents for every bag so its a win win.

4. carpool

i personally am a TERRIBLE driver so i always let my friends drive and its actually so much better to drive together for a few reasons. 1) its more fun especially if you have aux 2) less fumes are released into our ecosystem. a win win.

so those are just a FEW ways that you can make a difference! if you have more feel free to let me know and i can do a part 2.

#health #environment

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