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ok i've been hearing this term everywhere lately and it's actually been pretty ~inspirational~. this term means something different to everyone so i thought i'd share what radiate means to me.

so a couple years ago i wrote a post about one of my favorite sayings which is "radiate positivity" and i love that saying because it reminds me to see the light in every situation and be the light when there might not be any. i elaborate more on that in my post so if you want go check it out but anyway heres what radiate means to me.

radiate. in my opinion it means that whatever feeling/thing/whatever you want to enter your life you must put out in the world. kinda like if you want positivity in your life you have to put it out in the universe yourself. its kinda like the idea of manifestation, the idea that if you desire something, keep putting it out there and work towards it constantly and it will happen. if its something you're truly passionate about and you put your energy towards it, it could be "manifested". another similar term is the law of attraction, which means that if you surround yourself with what you want your life to become, it could very well become that. it all stems from the same idea that putting energy into what you desire and are passionate about it can truly become a reality.

radiating to me is all about putting the energy out that you want to receive. if you desire happiness, putting out those ~vibes~ and spreading positivity will attract it right back to you.

#positivity #happiness #happy

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