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high school: what i've learned so far.

hey guys. its been a bit. its funny i was feeling kinda nostalgic and decided to look through some of my old posts and wow. its crazy how i am literally the same person who wrote those posts and it got me thinking, i have grown so much since then and i've got a thing or two to learn from 14 year old Mahek. so its been two years and i'm now a senior in high school so I though it would be fun to reflect on my experience and tell you all what i've learned so far. i am continually growing everyday and i am definitely not the same girl who started this blog two years ago so i thought i would share with you guys some of the biggest lessons i learned throughout high school thus far.

1. trust yourself

in high school there can be a lot of pressure to do things to fit in and be cool and i learned early on that there were things that although popular for teenagers, really weren't my vibe. even though people would offer things up to me i realized i had to stay true to myself and only agree to stuff i was 100% comfortable with. i'm making this sound a lot more dramatic than it needs be lol but my main point is, have fun, don't take things to seriously but always stay true to yourself. never do anything for anyone else's happiness if it hinders your own.

2. find your people, but realize they may change

so for about the first three years of high school, basically up until a few months ago, i really thought i had all i needed. i had my two best friends which, if you guys have been around for a while would know about, and i really didn't think i needed anyone else. until one day my world kinda came crashing down and my friendship with one of them fell apart. i won't get into the logistics, but i will say that losing that person really affected me in a way i never thought anything could. i fortunately still had my other best friend to help me get through it, but through this whole experience i realized that yes finding your people is so important, but don't get too attached to them. i was incredibly close and attached to my two people so losing one really broke me, but now I'm truly stronger because of it and i believe that it happened for a reason.

3. slow down

i tend to be a person that thrives in a really chaotic environment, so i found myself joining a LOT of extracurricular clubs and sports and leadership roles over the years to the point where now as a senior, i really have zero time. i always have something going on, which as much as i love the busy life, can be really straining especially when i have a million things on my mind and am still trying to have a social life. it can be a lot. but one thing that has helped me is learning how to balance. i realized that having an extreme busy life or an extreme social life wouldn't bring me happiness but a mixture of both would. one of my biggest pieces of advice would be to really slow down. life can go by so fast, i can hardly believe i only have 279 days until i graduate and sometimes i really wish it would just slow down. so don't stress out too much and make sure you soak up every minute of it because high school isn't ever gonna happen again. enjoy it while it lasts.

4. find your passion

i mentioned in #3 that i joined tons of clubs, sports, etc over the years and yes as crazy as it can be, it has really helped me find things that i truly enjoy in life. i see high school as a formative journey in our lives, so nows the time to pursue any hobbies you might have. so join that club, try out for the sport, audition for the role because you'll never know you love it until you try.


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